Monday, May 28, 2012

Recapping the BC-342, again...

I seem to gravitate back to using this receiver, maybe because its the heaviest one I can move with low risk of injuring myself. ;) Fired it up the other week, and after it was on for a few minutes, bzzzzt! and went silent. Another WWII-era oil capacitor shorted out. Turned out to be a cathode bypass cap in the detector, and tacking in a ceramic disk cap was extremely disappointing, made every CW signal sound whoopy. like everyone on 40 meters was running a 1929 TNT. Off went an order to for some polypropylene caps. (and a Hammond output transformer for the guitar amplifier I have always wanted to build!)

Previously I'd just replace the replace the cap that croaked, this time I'm going to get about 16 or so taken care of. Hopefully I don't screw anything up and it works after it goes back together!

Almost finished.


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