Saturday, February 25, 2012

My very own Military Radar Unit!!!

Military Radar!
Tony KC6QHP was cleaning out his garage. This thing is missing its nomenclature plate, so who knows what it is. Probably not good for much except for an awesome Halloween yard prop, have to figure out how to run the positioning servos. Heavy as heck, needs to be lightened!

TRW swap meet report for 2/25/12

I was good, I only spent $21, here's $13 worth, a BC-610 coil and a box of FT-243 crystals.
TRW swap meet, 2/25/12
Have a closer look, some of 'em are actually pretty good:


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Chino Hills swap meet report, 2/18/12

I wrestled a wave guide relay away from KN6VR before he could buy it. ;) That, and a questionable Rubidium oscillator for $35. Got some 900 Mhz stuff from 'RMJ. (PA, antenna, filter.) A few mystery attenuators.

A good test for my APRS tracker.

The GPS goes on the dash, the tiny trak, HT, and battery go in the passenger door cup holder. Got a little tiny MFJ 2m mag mount antenna. Thats the whole tracker system! Here was my busy day of driving yesterday.


SoCal has pretty darn good APRS digipeater coverage. You can see that from Chino Hills (swap meet, more later!) I like to backtrack the 71 back to the 60 to get back to the 57, hate the 91 traffic, even on a Saturday morning.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

APRS tracker!

Got it wired up and running this weekend, need to either put it in the mobile, or in a back pack and do some moving around.