Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Some success at this QRP thing

Check that out, I got into the Reverse Beacon Network with 265mW from my old Tuna Tin 2! Looks like I have a little drift. ;) My W3EDP antenna and associated home brew tuner are therefore proven out.

 I was calling CQ this evening on 7055 and 7122, but no takers. Unfortunately there appears to be no skimmers keeping watch on 7122. I need to post a pic of the setup, I'm running the TT2, and a QRPME Sudden Storm receiver, with a J-38 key and a gel cell. Oh, and an FT-817 to provide side tone. ;)

I have an SMK-1 kit on the way, and a 40M Rockmite waiting to be built, and I also want to scratch build an OXO. I've been making a few QSO's at 5 watts lately, that seems like shooting fish in a barrel, I want to break the sub-1 Watt barrier.