Sunday, May 12, 2013

ARC-5's and dynamotors

The Milradio bug has come out of remission! Half my old boatanchor collection (easily by weight, probably by volume too) is military stuff, mainly from WWII. At the moment, very little of it works, none of it transmits! Projects are being re-prioritized to change that. Initially, I had thought I'd get my TCS set going, but the proper cable connectors will be a challenge. Instead, I got out my BC-454 ARC-5 receiver and did a quick alignment on it. On a hunch, I wondered if it would play nicely running off of a stock dynamotor, ( ) at the reduced voltage of 12 to 13.8V. (These are most always 24V sets, often "ham-hacked" to run off of 12V by rewiring the filaments.) It was already running well at reduced B+, 160V vs 250V, so the 126V that the freshly re-greased dynomotor worked out well, I can barely tell it isn't as loud playing through a speaker. Its just fine, if not TOO loud with standard 8 ohm contemporary headphones, as there's no AVC.

Next, I'm going to gather up all the other dynamotors, grease their bearings, and see if I can't put together a "rotating" transmitter power supply.

   Thats the BC-454 ARC-5 receiver, running in the dynamotor with the end bells removed, I heard that this was necessary to do to cook out any moisture that might be inside the unit. I sorta doubt that, but its good to give the thing a listen to see how its running. The TCS receiver is in the background.

So, I've got a couple of TCS pairs, a GRC-9 that needs a power supply, a Wireless set 19 that needs a power cable, scads of ARC-5 TX's and RX's, a BC-610 that likely needs a restoration, a BC-342... Heck, there's more, I just can't think of it at the moment. ;)