Sunday, May 13, 2012

I'm officially a repeater owner!

Some assembly required! Motorola MSF-5000 for 900 Mhz, 150 Watts.

It'll probably live in the back of the Explorer for a while, neither is going anywhere too soon, the Exploder developed an ignition miss dragging this thing home. Shakes a lot, a little slow, and gets terrible gas mileage but otherwise seems "just fine" running on 5 of six cylinders. ;)

I digress, I have a duplexer I think will work with this repeater. I plan to install it in my garage. Need an antenna, (and a reference oscillator, that's easy) and am going to try to scrounge up an MSF cabinet for it. No way do I plan to run it at 150 or 75 W, more like 30 or so.

I bet I could stick-weld steel with one of those power supplies. ;) I'm seriously thinking of "borrowing" the extra PS from the 2nd PA to use as my main shack 14V supply.

900 MHz msf-5000 repeater

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