Monday, December 10, 2012

"New" 10 Ghz transverter in progress

No more borrowing gear for 10 Ghz contests! I'm well on my way to having my own working X-band station.

Thursday evening at the SBMS meeting, I got my hands on a completed Qualcomm lambchop conversion, a waveguide switch, a nice "whitebox" dish, and a few other goodies. Friday evening I hooked some of it up and shot the video below.

Its a few KC's off, and you can hear some drift in there. It was cold that evening (probably below 60F!!!) and I was using an uncalibrated 10Mhz txco. A rubidium disciplined oscillator would be much better, a lot more accurate. Combined with a few other goodies I already have, including a rubidium unit, I hope to have a rugged, portable transverter built up soon.

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