Monday, January 30, 2012

Desert Rats Ham Fest, Palm Springs, 1/28/12

I went as both a swap seller, and a SBMS microwave demonstrator. The latter got me an awesome parking spot. ;) The 10 Gig demo didn't go so well, I was not able to QSO with Mel up in Upland. However, it was certainly a sellers market, I probably grossed higher at this swap than any I ever sold at. Too bad I spent a lot of it at the 'fest. ;) Finally got a Bird 43 meter. Also picked up a  Byonics APRS tracker and GPS combo. Also got some badly needed RF adapters, a pair of UHF Moto Sabers that look very promising, and some more land-mobile junk that I hope to bash into a toy repeater (read: academic project) someday soon. Didn't win anything with my $20 worth of lottery tickets!

Sold my SX-99, the 4-1000 amp RF deck, and the biggest sale of the day was the DX-100B. Here's a couple pix right before it goes away, It felt as good selling this thing as it did the red truck. ;) Not that it was a pig by any means, its just heavy as hell and I've wanted to sell it for a long time. Too pretty for my junky collection!

Junior in the background in that last one, more:

Sorta silly I didn't take more pics there. Busy day. I've enjoyed this 'fest two years now, so I anticipate heading back next January. I volunteer myself to do some more thorough microwave coordination next year also!

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