Monday, January 30, 2012

Catching up:

Its been a busy month.

I sold my ugly red '68 F-250,

...which created an opportunity to divert funds toward purchasing both a FUNcube dongle VHF/UHF SDR receiver (MUCH more on this thing in the future!) and a HP 8924C CDMA Mobile Station Test Set (no, I didn't buy it from them, but a good description) which is really just a convoluted name for a Service Monitor & Spectrum Analyzer with a tracking generator.

I had little time to play with the new toys, as the W6IEE ham fest vehicle, a '93 Exploder, needed an entire engine cooling system replacement and a transmission service. This was in preparation for driving a bunch of stuff down to the Desert Rats ham fest, more on that in a bit. And of course, I wouldn't dream of not doing that automotive work myself. So, all that left very little time for typing in boxes, what with time for sleeping and the annoying, painfully boring detention at that place called "work." <--indicates the job needs to be replaced!

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