Wednesday, December 28, 2011

So long, old pal!

By far my most awesome present this holiday season was my birthday present from my most awesome girlfriend. iPhone 4s! But it comes with a teeny tiiiny, most miniscule, barely detectable bit of sadness. After 3 and 3/4 years, I will no longer lug around the old brick of my original, 1st generation, 2G iPhone.

Its taken a bit of a beating, but it still works well, albeit SLOWLY. And the buttons are dying. Even without service, it'll still read email over WiFi. (and presumably the Echolink app will still work.) I've not traded it in, as the $25 or $30 I'd get for it isn't worth the kick-butt iPod that it still is, so long as the battery holds out.

The screen is still perfect, I stopped using a case in '09:

I took these last pix with the new iPhone, which BTW has an EIGHT megapixel camera, in addition to a lesser secondary camera.

The new phone is AWESOME. It runs super-fast compared to the old one. I can run whatever app I want, don't have to worry about the lack of "legacy" apps. (I had inadvertently deleted my ebay app about 6 months ago, and couldn't replace it!)

For an extra $5/mo I got sold on the unlimited data plan, as I was kinda used to it on the old phone's plan. Worth it. What stinks is that At&T tiers the rest of their revenue on SMS messages. You can either pay an extra $15 a month for unlimited texts, or pay $0.20 per. Since I ABSOLUTELY HATE SMS (its for kids, IMHO) I opted for the pay-per-use, being as how I expect to perhaps tx/rx 5 or so messages per month. SO DON'T TEXT ME!!! ;) Email me, or heaven forbid, dial the phone!

It IS, after all, a telephone!

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