Sunday, December 18, 2011

Rescued the EXV 6' dish.

Jacob (I didn't write down his call sign because, why?) no longer had a home for this dish, and seeing as no one else was going to do a rescue mission, I volunteered.

WHY do these things always turn out to be bigger in real life?? ;)

I knew my hitch-carrier was going to come in handy getting this thing home.


I thought, "Sure, they can see my tail lights!" Wrong. Here's what I looked like from behind, puttering along at a nervous 55 MPH, when traffic permitted:


Yeah, that was legal, sure. When I let off of the gas, it acted like a drag chute, I could feel the truck slowing down faster than usual!

With a human, for scale:

photo (6)

(Ok, which of these pictures was taken with an iPhone4, and which was taken with an "original" iphone?? Is it that obvious? Tell the fat guy with the reindeer to bring me a new phone!!!)

The dish came with a feed support! Something lacking in my other dishes.

I'm DEFINITELY leaving the WA6EXV on there. I'll likely peel the K6JEY off. ;) Its peeling off on its own!

Thanks again Jacob.

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