Saturday, December 3, 2011

Another Spectra mystery

I've been binging on ebay buying up cheap Moto Spectras. As cheaply as $6/ea.!  A lot have come from a 2-way dealer in Wisconsin. If you've gone Spectra shopping on ebay, you undoubtedly know who I'm referring to. Great dealer, wish their shipping was a little cheaper! (I blame ebay for gouging us.)

I digress, I was testing the radios this evening, (among other major projects I hope to post about soon) none were supposed to pass self check, but most did. One had some interesting mode names: Santiago, Lukens, and Oat. What the heck kind of coincidence is this???

For those who aren't from around So Cal, Mt. Lukens is what I call a "sub-peak" of Mount Wilson, very nearby to my north east, Oat Mountain is at the northern end of the San Fernando Valley, I drive past it on my way to work, and Santiago Peak is behind the city of Irvine in Orange County. I happen to have a 57-mile line of site shot from my QTH to this peak, and they all are major ham repeater sites, in addition to being heavily populated commercial sites. Santiago also happens to have a 900 Mhz repeater, and a 10 Ghz beacon, the latter is how I discovered the LOS shot.

So, I get a radio from Wisconsin, that clearly came from my own back yard. That's just weird!

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