Sunday, November 13, 2011

Murphy will get you...

Friday I was at Fry's, and I've been grappling whether or not to shell out $30 for a TV-antenna roof-mount tripod... Because I remember them costing $19 a dozen years ago, and the price disparity bother me. ;)

I figured it was cheap insurance of my vertical antenna (mainly for 10M) blowing down, being as how a storm was rolling in this weekend.  So I bought it. After a day of oil changes, tire rotations, wheel bearing and brake checks on a couple of the vehicles in the fleet, I simply didn't have time for any antenna work.

So, what did I see out the window after waking up on Saturday?


Fortunately, it stayed put and I took it down and set it on the roof. And yes, that is the W6IEE  ham shack. ;) If you are envious of my square-footage, don't be envious of my electrical and phone-line situation!

A new "grossly oversized christmas-tree base" needs to be constructed, then the new tripod can be installed, and the antenna replaced. Maybe it will happen during the week, but its usually pretty much dark when I get home from work.

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