Saturday, November 19, 2011

Car stereo thinks its a Spectra. ;)

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What the heck? ;) It started doing this yesterday. It actually works ok still, with an odd buzzing on power-up from driver's side rear speaker, but it goes away after a couple seconds. This is in my 150K mile '93 Exploder, which is the hamfest and errand vehicle. So like a lot of other little problems that don't involve moving, stopping, or other safety issues, it will be ignored! Maybe I should pull the door panel and make sure the speaker leads aren't shorting out, hmm.

BTW, both of my Spectra's are working awesome after re-capping. One seems to have a noticeably hotter receiver, I could almost hear the repeater conversation on the N6EX Pasadena repeater the other evening, through the coax shield as it was on my work bench hooked up to the dummy load!

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