Wednesday, October 26, 2011


'Bout time, huh? ;)

My name is Jason, Amateur Radio call sign W6IEE, I live in Burbank, CA.

Here's what'll hopefully be a better way to capture and share progress on projects. Or, proof of progress!

Irons in the fire:
*converting commercial trunking radios to 902/927 Mhz FM Ham band.
*Microwave transverters: 1296 Mhz, 10 Ghz, and 2.4 Ghz, with more to follow. I'm am member of the San Bernardino Microwave Society.
*10 meters! I've been waiting since I was first licensed in 1998 for this band to live up to its reputation, and finally it is.
*Cleaning the junk outta the shack!  I am a confirmed pack rat when it comes to interesting electronic junk. I'm trying to move out he projects that never gained any traction over the last few years. This means I drag junk out every month to the TRW (aka Northrup Grumman) swap meet in Redondo Beach. Sometimes some new junk follows me home.

This "affliction"  is where the title of this blog comes from. See a reference to my former call, KF6PQT:

I'm also a big fan of vintage gear... thats right, TUBES rule! But there will be no transistor-hating here.

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