Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween: What to do with your 4 ft. dish in the off-season

Take one Andrew 4 foot dish, add the glass globe that doesn't fit on your ham shack ceiling fan since you put the CFL in, a random piece of translucent red plastic, some cinder blocks... and a strobe light.

Instant flying saucer. ;)

Here's the prototype in the back yard:


Out in the front yard for the tricker treaters, with a visitor:


And a close up of our little green friend.


I had a stroboscopic tachometer set at an annoying rate behind the driveway gate, (variable rate strobe) and my Jacob's Ladder running up on top of a step ladder, where it could be seen, but not trigger any lawsuits. They don't photograph so well, I shot some crummy video, perhaps I'll post that later.

Some neighbor up the street had a 2 foot tall Tesla Coil, so I feel a bit out-done. Means I have to build a BIGGER Tesla Coil for next Halloween!

We ran through 5 bags of candy by 8:00pm, had to tear it all down, run inside and shut off the lights. ;)

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